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If you are interested in having PROJECT:B5 work on a your next project, please let us know!

-Mig/Tig Welding & Metal Fabrication
*intake manifolds, intakes, charge piping, Intercoolers, downpipes, exhaust... you name it
-Vinyl Wrap Service / Tint
*vehicles, interior trim, knobs, switches, whatever you can think of.
*plenty of finishes/colors/patterns 
-Gauge Solutions
*we specialize in the B5 Audi dash vents, but we can work with anything! Try us
-Painting/Powdercoating/Ceramic Coating
*we have great resources at our disposal!
*hard to find parts>FOUND!

Please don't hesitate to shoot us an email. We love working with different platforms and expanding our product line.
*We may be heavy on the Euro stuff, but we're plenty versed in many makes/models/platforms.

Contact us today for a custom quote, we look forward to hearing from you!