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$279.00 - On Sale

DTK - M113k AMG Belt Wrap Kit
-Another option that helps eliminate your supercharger belt slip under load & regain lost boost!

FITS: All M113k Engines
2003-2006 CL55 AMG
2002-2006 S55 AMG
2002-2003 SL55 AMG
2003-2006 E55 AMG
2004-2011 G55 AMG
2004-2006 CLS55 AMG

-Kit ships with all install hardware & a new Gates supercharger belt

Very simple install can be done with basic hand tools

*This modification helps regain lost boost with a slipping supercharger belt. This billet idler & pulley brace helps eliminate belt slippage at WOT to keep power where it should be all thru the rev range. You will see a couple psi increase in boost over a slipping belt w/ this kit.