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Euro Impulse - B5 A4/S4 Carbon Fiber FLATBOTTOM Steering Wheel
-Completely set your B5 interior apart from the rest with a custom steering wheel built to your spec.

-Manufactured in Japan out of authentic twill weave carbon fiber.
-Each steering wheel is custom made to order per your spec-out.
*Manufacturing takes 3-6 weeks before shipment.
*Purchase price includes a $50 core charge that is refunded once we receive your steering wheel core.

Simple Installation:
Unplug battery to not cause an airbag light
Remove 2 small t30 screws on the back of the steering wheel.
Pull airbag off and disconnect the electrical clip.
Remove triple square nut that is located in the center of your wheel.
Remove & swap steering wheel for your Euro Impulse unit.
Re-Install in reverse order & don't forget to reconnect the battery!