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PROJECTB5 - AUDI 2.7 - Single & Dual In-Tank Fuel System
-A solution for installing twin in-tank fuel pumps on your Audi which is common with big horsepower builds.

-PB5 Fuel Tank Lid
*Dual AN6 Feed / AN6 Return or Single AN8 Feed / AN6 Return
-Pre Fitted Fuel Submersible/Vapor Proof Wiring bulkhead connector comprised of 14ga/14amp rated Teflon wiring
-Pre Fitted Fuel Feed & Return Lines & Install Fittings/Clamps
- Available with: Dual Fuel Pump Holder, Fuel Pumps

We eliminate the difficult part in building your fueling kit. Our complete lid solution is comprised entirely of fuel submersible materials that will not degrade over time. This kit is aimed at those wanting to run their own choice of lines/fittings from the lid forward to the rails.