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$195.00 - On Sale

PROJECTB5 - AUDI 2.7 "PREMIUM" Spider Hose Kit

Adaptable to ALL 2.7tt Vehicles
*Audi S4, A6, ALLROAD

-Constructed of heavy duty AN12 Black Braided (Steel Reinforced) Hose
-Hand Fabricated and Powdercoated (wrinkle black) Metal collector unit
*Compatable with both early and late style vehicles; we recommend properly deleting most of the emissions/pcv junk as it is failure/leak prone and will only simplify your future troubleshooting/modding.
*Unit comes as pictured & includes 4x Pinch-Clamps to complete your install
You are required to swap over your old hose ends. (NEED: lighter and a razor/box cutter. Slice the plastic hose that has been shrunk over the hose end in a couple spots > heat with lighter and twist... should pop off easily to be swapped) (*Trim to fit)