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$750.00 - On Sale

10/15/17: Our original STK kit was ripped off thru a Chinese vendor and being sold at a steep discount because they jigged it improperly. They have even copy pasted our listing word for word and used our pictures. We are not affiliated & have cut all ties with said supplier. All PB5 STK kits will be made in house @ our Taunton, MA facility from here on out. A new listing will be made in the near future. Sorry for the inconvenience, please email us if you have any questions/concerns.

PROJECT:B5- AUDI 2.7 Single Turbo Kit
-A simple kit that allows fitting of a rear mounted single turbocharger, whilst still keeping the factory firewall in-tact on the B5 S4 & C5 A6/AR

*Units were designed for usage of PTE (Precision) Vband Turbine Housings & the Tial 44mm MVR wastegate (standard Tial 44mm will not fit!). Please choose your supporting mods accordingly!
*Designed to bolt up to Audi N/A 2.8 30V Exhaust Manifolds (we offer ceramic coated 2.8 units in another listing)

-TIG welded 321 Stainless construction all around
-2" Up-Pipe Manifold (2x Primary O2Bungs/plugs w/ EGT's deleted)
-1.75" Atmospheric Dumptube
-3.5" 2-Part Downpipe (Additional O2Bung for WBO2, both secondaries/plugs)

*Please understand with the initial converting to a STK setup you need to expect re-routing, re-wiring, minor clearancing of intake manifold, heat shielding odds/ends, etc etc. This is a basic kit to provide the essentials needed for one to "ditch the twins." We believe simplification is key in regards to maintaining/keeping a happy healthy 2.7 and strongly advocate the STK conversion.


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