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PROJECT:B5 - RS6-X 2.7tt Turbocharger Upgrade
Fits: 2.7tt TWIN TURBO Audi S4, A6, ALL ROAD

-Factory Replacement, Direct Bolt-On Fitment!
*Enlarged billet DOUBLE-Stack Comp. Wheel vs. to the SINGLE-Stack Wheel found in the OEM RS6 Turbochargers.
This specific wheel is super lightweight for optimal spool-up!
-Upgraded & Clipped Turbine Exhaust Wheel for greatly increased exhaust flow.
-Properly Ported Wastegate Flappers for longevity and no chance of boost creep!
-VSR balanced, Upgraded Journal Bearing centers w/ 360 Deg. Thrust bearings, paired w/ Inconel turbine wheel and lightened comp. wheel... makes for a robust CHRA.
We use a 360deg. Thrust bearing to aid in longevity with repeated HIGH BOOST situations.
-Adjustable Wastegates

Good for ~550+hp on 93octane (even more on e85/race gas), more than enough to make projectiles of your stock rods if you desire!

These are the same turbo as the JHM RS6-RS @ a much better price.

*Usage of these turbos requires RS6 or Hybrid style downpipes as well as modified (cut/coupler) RSK04 or Hybrid style inlet pipes

*1 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY AGAINST MFG DEFECT - Work must be performed by a professional, or certified mechanic.
Failure due to improper install, over-speeding and/or oil starvation/etc is NOT COVERED