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Silly Rabbit Motorsport - B5/C5 Dual Pump (also available as a single) Fueling Upgrade

Fits: ALL B5/C5 Audi Vehicles with a thirst!

*PER SRM's WEBSITE: "Dual in tank pump bracket drops right into the stock tanks mounting hardware. Can be used with a single pump or 2 pumps and our billet top cap with AN fittings. Sold as a complete drop in turn-key system which includes EVERYTHING needed including line, AN fittings, wiring, filters etc. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions./"
This is what the big power guys have been after all these years, and SRM nailed it! The dual 450lph Walbro pumps will provide enough fuel for 1000hp+ & are e85 friendly. We suggest upgrading the fuel rails as well as regulator; these kits were not designed with the factory lines/rail in mind. A true fueling system upgrade.