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This is the latest universal offering from PMAS & the last mass airflow sensor you will ever buy!

*Top tier MAF sensor that will never peg!
-Updated sensor curve has been engineered to maintain perfect idle resolution even when used on vehicles making under 300HP.
-This sensor can be used in any housing from 2″ to over 5″. It can also be used for blow-thru or draw-through configurations.
3″ housing 640 WHP
3.5″ housing 870 WHP
85mm housing 800 WHP
95mm housing 1000 WHP
100mm housing 1100 WHP

-Limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer
*Requires ECU tune for said sensor configuration
*Can be used on any 0-5V MAF system
*Transfer function generating software tool available for FREE download
*Air temp sensor reads 40k ohms at room temp