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$849.00 - On Sale

Blew up your K04's and dont want to shell out another ~$2500 for new ones? Replace those center sections!

OEM Official Borg Warner Parts
Audi RS K04-025 & 026 Turbocharger Center Sections (CHRA)
-Ship in original Borg Warner Serial #Numbered Boxes w/ packaging & documentation
*These are complete, balanced & ready to go center sections built by the masters @ Borg Warner; for a complete overhaul of your tired/blown K04 turbochargers!

*Be weary of BAE Branded CHRA's as well as Ebay Borg Warner fakes, they are very poor copies and are not built to the same spec. This is not something anyone would recommend cutting corners on!

REPLACING THE CHRA: (grab a 10mm wrench & penetrating oil/torch!)
-Unbolt the turbos so you have free access of them
-Loosen the CHRA (center cartridge) bolts on either side of the compressor/exhaust housing
(MARK IT's ORIENTATION WITH A PERMANENT MARKER, so you know which side had the oil feed/returns facing/vice versa)
-REMOVE & re-install the NEW CHRA