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PROJECT:B5 - (EFK) High-Speed Electric Fan Kit
-Completely eliminate the failure prone mechanical fan with a highly efficient electric fan kit. This kit is universal to the B5/C5 cars & very simple to install. It's completely adjustable in a matter of seconds & easy to use.

-EITHER 1700CFM SPAL OR 1900CFM PB5 puller fan & mounting hardware
-Adjustable thermostatic temperature controller with probe & fused wiring harness kit
-P:B5 mechanical fan block-off kit
*Optional: Goodyear branded AC delete serpentine belt (factory belt still fits if you have AC in-tact)

Reduces parasitic drag on the engine, eliminates the exploding clutch fan, & adds clearance for fitting larger aftermarket 2.7 bi-pipes (especially for those with C5 cars)

*Installation requires the removal of the mechanical fan that is known to explode & send shrapnel thru your radiator. Once you remove the single & reverse threaded nut you are free to install your EFK. The provided SPAL fan mounts to the radiator itself with the included install kit. Wiring consists of a direct fused line from the positive cable on the battery to the fan controller; Simply power & ground. Connectors run over from the fan controller to the fans plug itself. Finished off by mounting the temp probe in the radiator & your now free to set the fan trigger to your desired temp.
Customers report this much easier to install then dealing with the relay type setup triggered by the factory wiring. Set it & forget it!