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$85.00 - On Sale

PROJECT:B5- 5x112.5x114 LUG STUD Conversion Kit
-Totally broaden your wheel selection up with this mod!
*We run Evo Fitment 5x114 wheels on our Black Shop S4 using this kit!

14x1.5" Lug Stud Conversion Kit
-16 or 20x M14>M12 Conversion" Lug Studs
-CONICAL (tuner style) Lug Nuts
*Choice of standard length or extended studs for those wishing to run spacers.

Complete kit to suit any/all 4 or 5 lug m14x1.5" thread pitch hubs, many makes/models/platforms!
*Hubcentric rings to properly center your newly fitted 5x114 wheels are a no-brainer and a must for a proper ride!

*We recommend a dab on LocTite on the threads prior to threading them into your hub.
*Although they are cut for a standard 7/32nd Allen Key, we find Double-Nutting them to be a much more safer/better install option... just our .02c