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$345.00 - On Sale

PB5 - M113k Mercedes AMG Fueling Kits
-All the fuel you'll need for your beast, be it pump, race, or ethanol.

FITS: All M113k Engines
2003-2006 CL55 AMG
2002-2006 S55 AMG
2002-2003 SL55 AMG
2003-2006 E55 AMG
2004-2011 G55 AMG
2004-2006 CLS55 AMG

*We only sell the latest & greatest Bosch injectors to suit your application.

Each "Kit" includes 8x Injectors & 8x PnP Wiring Adapters

You MUST have an ECU TUNE to accompany a fuel injector upgrade. Do NOT run larger injectors on a tune with stock injector mapping; You will wash your cylinders with fuel.
*We recommend larger injectors to those guys with a ragged out list of all the bolt ons, guys with upgraded blowers, & those running ethanol / race fuels.