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PB5 - M113k Mercedes AMG Heat Exchanger Upgrade
-A massive bolt on core with high quality fittings to adapt to your factory cooling lines for a simple & worry free install.

2003-2006 E55 AMG
*Will adapt to other M113k AMG cars with modification

-25" Wide X 7" Tall X 3.5" thick core
*This core has the largest fluid capacity on the market
-Billet fittings that adapt your factory hose to -12AN swivel hose ends
-All neccessary hdwe for installation

This unit bolts to the bumper crash bar & fits behind the factory bumper without any major modifcation. You will cut the 2 front mounting tabs for the bumper inside the center grille portion & that is all that is required to fit. Bumper grilles fit no issue with this kit.

*This is the largest core that can be fit behind the bumper without serious modification.

*With proper supporting mods, one can expect chilly 10-20 degree IAT temps above ambient when cruising & much faster recovery times helping to eliminate heatsoak. We recommend a split cooling system & intercooler pump upgrade to take full advantage of the heat exchanger. Lower IAT's mean better & more consistent power.