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b>PROJECTB5 - 6 Puck Race Clutch Disc
Fits: ALL 6-Speed: 2.7tt TWIN TURBO Audi S4, A6, ALL ROAD

-STD 23spline count, 2.7tt clutch; works great with the factory Dual Mass Flywheel or any of the lightweight aftermarket units out there.
-6 PUCK Disc which is comprised of a Copper/Hybrid pads designed to be heat/slip resistant.
Heat Treated Hub/Rivets/Disc Components for extra durability where it matters most!
We rate this disc @ 500+ Tq when coupled with an unmodified RS4 pressure plate, and even more with others.
One year warranty against MFG defect...
-Meaning if a rivet popped off a clutch pad and failed, PP fubarred on you, etc… not slippage due to abuse/too much power/bad driving