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PROJECT:B5 - AUDI 2.7 STK - "MONSTER PLENUM" Intake Manifold
Our usual "MONSTER PLENUM" intake manifold modified with Single Turbo Kit clearance in mind.

-Modified Audi OEM 2.7tt Intake Manifold Core
*The very crude and rough inner casting is completely de-burred & all intake trumpets are ported/smoothed
*We take great care of the throttle inlet obstructions, ensuring we can port the housing to max spec.

-Option for the intake runners to be gasket port matched to 2.8/Ported heads.
-Options for different throttle body upgrades.
-Professionally Formed & Tig Welded Custom Plenum Cap
*Additional Rise to increase intake volume while properly tapering back to promote even velocity amongst runners.
-Includes powdercoat in any color/finish you desire

*Additional bungs/fittings can be added at an additional fee as some of the pictures depict.
*With the removal of the ports on the backside, many customers run a vacuum block fed off the front tube by the throttle body for their vac/boost connection needs. Makes for a clean install.