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PROJECTB5 - B5 AUDI S4/A4 300mm REAR Brake Upgrade
-An affordable rear braking upgrade for your 1996-2001.5 Audi A4/S4 & C5 with the usage of B5 S4 Calipers / Carriers

-Using our kit & the B5 S4 rear brake calipers/carriers you are able to fit the B6/B7 S4 300x22mm rear rotor for a nice aesthetic & performance upgrade.

-PB5 Billet Caliper Brackets
-StopTech Stainless Steel Brake Lines
-300mm Rotors - Vented/Black Coated Hubs Standard
-All Installation Hardware
*OPTIONAL - Remanufactured B5 S4 Rear Calipers / Carriers

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