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PROJECTB5 - Audi Allroad (Modified) Level Arms
-Safely & effectively lower/raise your Allroad to levels other than factory L1-L4 using the factory air management system with no further modding!

-4x Billet Aluminum level arms (Made locally - USA)
-4x Nuts/Bolts to for a complete install kit.

*Extremely simple install requires only 2x 10mm wrenches. Units are slipped over your factory arms & bolted up to space the arm out. This alters the travel/level the system will produce.

*We recommend a bit of antisieze/grease when fitting the factory level sensor arm into the machined cutout.
*Red Loctite on the nut securing the arm is also a smart idea.

L1 - 15mm lower than factory L1
L2 - Same height as factory L2 + -
L3 - 15mm higher than factory L3
L4 - ~25mm higher than factory L4

*402-modding your vehicle via. VagCom is still possible with these arm for even more level adjustability!

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