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$525.00 - On Sale

PROJECT:B5 - STAGE-X2 Clutch Kit
Fits: ALL 6-Speed: 2.7tt TWIN TURBO Audi S4, A6, ALL ROAD

Our second offering of the X-Clutch. Even better holding capacity @ a better price-point.

-OE B7 RS4 Based Pressure Plate
*Requires the use of a flywheel cut for the B7 PP pattern.
-Copper/Ceramic Hybrid 6 Puck SPRUNG-Hub Clutch Disc
*Heat Treated Hub/Disc Component for durability
-Throw Out Bearing / Pilot Bearing / & Alignment Tool
OPTIONAL: Billet Steel TTV Lightweight Flywheel (7kg)

Rated @ ~750+ torque at crank

One year warranty against MFG defect, not abuse/improper installation