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TESA is the OEM choice (Vw/Audi, Mercedes, BMW, etc) when it comes to engine bay harness wrapping and high abrasion/high temp sheathing. *Be weary of generic copies and fakes, genuine TESA brand is of unmatched quality.

-Cannot be torn by hand, its a very durable cloth based tape.
-Heat resistant/flame retardant to +300 degrees F
-Will NOT dry-rot or fade & is Fuel/Oil resistant.
-If you've used regular electrical tape I'm sure you have experienced the ooze of adhesives from the heat. This tape will not do such a thing!
-Priced per roll (rolls come 3/4" x 82.5")
*We recommend overlapping each wrap by half width for a dependable barrier from the elements.

With these choice Audis being a decade++ old these days we see nearly every vehicle come into the shop needing some form of harness repair/maintenance. This specific tape is the best we have found to date to do so...